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How do I navigate the sample project?
How do I navigate the sample project?
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This article will walk you through navigating our sample project seamlessly. Whether you're new to BenchMarx or looking to explore its features, the sample project is an excellent starting point.

Can you submit a pre-filled timesheet?

Upon creating an account, you will find a pre-filled timesheet ready for use within the sample project. This timesheet has an 'Open' status and is automatically populated with items sourced from the sample project settings.

You'll find helpful guides on the screen to assist you in submitting your timesheet for approval or self-approving it. These guides are designed to make time management in the Sample Project effortless.

How do I access the sample project?

After creating an account, you'll start in a sample timesheet. To view all your projects, simply click on 'Home' in the BenchMarx toolbar. From there, you can access the projects dashboard, including the Sample Project provided for practice. To create timesheets for your projects, click on the project of your choice from the homepage.

Note: In your basic subscription, the sample project counts as one of your two total projects.

Are there any templates or presets available to use for project creation?

The sample project is a practice project showing you how BenchMarx works. It has all the settings you might need for your own projects. By checking out our sample, you can see how to fill in timesheets as you go and make your work simpler.

It has all the important features and settings you need to manage your projects:

  • General Information

  • Markups

  • Users

  • Budget

  • Labour

  • Equipment

  • Materials

  • Subcontractors

The project settings help fill in your timesheets. Any changes you make to these settings will show up in all timesheets made by everyone on the project from now on. Check out the How do I set up my project article if you want to know how to update your project settings.

Who can access the sample project?

Account Owners and Account Managers can access the sample project. If you're not the Account Owner or Manager access to the project may be granted by your Benchmarx admin. Additionally, the sample project operates similarly to any other project within BenchMarx.

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