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How do I use the project dashboard?
How do I use the project dashboard?
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As the homepage, the project dashboard provides a summary of all projects associated with your account. All users have a Project Dashboard, but permissions are limited based on roles. As an Account Owner and Manager, here's what you can do:

Who can create a project?

Only Account Owners and Managers can create projects for an account. When creating a project, Account Owners and Account Managers are automatically added to it. They can leave any project within their account at any time.

How do I leave, archive, or delete projects?

As an Account Owner or Manager, you have the ability to leave, archive, or delete projects. Leaving a project still allows other users to create timesheets under it.

To see archived projects click 'Show Archived'. Account Owners and Account Managers can see both active and archived projects but only active ones appear by default. In comparison, other roles can only see active projects.

Note: Both archived and active projects count towards your project limit.

Permissions for Users: People invited to a project can only leave if they are guests in the account. After leaving a project, you can only download PDFs of timesheets and cost summaries.

Who can make timesheets and cost summaries?

Account Owners and Account Managers can create and edit timesheets and cost summaries if they join the project. Timesheets and cost summaries can be submitted only to Account Owners and Managers if they are part of the project.

How do I use the project dashboard?

All Users can see tabs such as 'All,' 'My Projects,' and 'Shared with Me' to sort projects on their homepage. The 'My Projects' tab contains projects created by you. The 'Shared with Me' tab contains projects that you are a part of but did not create.

To sort by name, click the 'Sort' button on the right side.


While everyone has a project dashboard, what you can do with it depends on your role and permissions. If you're invited as a guest to a project, your access might be different. For more info on who can do what, check out our article on account permission levels in BenchMarx.

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