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What is the users tab?
What is the users tab?
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The Users Tab in BenchMarx is where you manage all the people associated with your account. Whether you're an Account Owner or a Manager, this tab is your go-to place for overseeing who has access to your account and what they can do.

Who can access the users tab?

Only Account Owners and Managers have permission to access the Users Tab. This ensures that only administrators have control over managing users and their roles.

What can I do in the users tab?

  • Access the Tab: Log in to your BenchMarx account and navigate to the Users Tab beside your Project Dashboard.

  • Manage Users: Once you're in the Users Tab, you'll see a list of all the people associated with your account. You can see what projects they are on and filter by status.

  • Add Users: Need to grant access to a new team member? Simply add them through the Users Tab. This ensures they can start collaborating on projects right away.

  • Remove Users: If someone no longer needs access to your account, you can remove them from the Users Tab. This helps maintain security and ensures only relevant individuals have access.

  • Change Roles: Depending on their responsibilities, you can change the roles of users in your account. Whether it's upgrading someone to a manager or downgrading their role, you have full control. To learn more about adjusting users' roles, click here.

If you're new to managing users in BenchMarx, we recommend checking out our related articles to learn more about user permissions and roles.

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