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How do I upload project settings?
How do I upload project settings?
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Adding project settings is the first step toward creating accurate timesheets. With BenchMarx, you can customize settings according to your company's specific needs. This guide will walk you through the process, ensuring a seamless setup that aligns perfectly with your project requirements.

How do I add labor?

To download the template for Labor, just click download template. Make sure to consider burdens and any specialty rates specified by unions. Group your employees by position/classification so your crew leaders can find people easily.

Required fields:

  • First Name

Optional fields:

  • Last Name

  • Employee ID

  • Position/Classification

  • Hourly Rate

  • Burden

💡Tip: These rates are only for the current project. You can download the templates and use them for other projects too!

How do I add equipment?

To download the template for Equipment, just click download template. You can customize your equipment list the way you want.

Required fields:

  • Make

  • Rate type

Optional fields:

  • Model

  • Classification

  • Equipment ID

  • Rate

How do I add materials?

To download the template for Materials, just click download template. You can include as many pieces of materials from your inventory. Group your materials on your sheet so your crew leaders can find materials easily.

Required fields:

  • Material Name

  • Unit of Measure

Optional fields:

  • Description

  • Unit Price

  • Group

Note: Rates can be changed in the cost summary if the set rates change over time.

How do I add subcontractors?

To download the template for Subcontractors, just click download template. Create a list of subcontractors you generally use for the projects.

Required fields:

  • Company Name

Optional fields:

  • Service

  • Rate

  • Unit of Measure

How do I add markups?

Easily add markups and profits to Labor, Owned Equipment, Rented Equipment, Subcontractor, and Material costs using either Flat or tiered rates.

Note: Choose the percentage to see how costs are shown in your summaries. A detailed tutorial on markups will be available shortly.

How do I add users?

Check out our How to invite users as a Member or a Guest article to learn how to invite users to your project. This article explains who can invite users and how they impact your account.

How do I add budgets?

Discover how to add budgets to your project with our How to upload budget settings guide. Learn why the optional budget template is essential for tracking production

By following the steps outlined in this tutorial, you can seamlessly integrate your project settings into BenchMarx, empowering you to manage your data with ease. For further assistance, refer to the tutorial video linked above or reach out to BenchMarx support for personalized guidance.

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