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Should I approve now or submit for review?
Should I approve now or submit for review?
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When using BenchMarx to manage timesheets, you might find yourself contemplating whether to instantly approve or submit them for review on the web. Here's a quick overview to help you understand the difference:

Approve Now:

  • Available to Account Owners, Account Managers, and Project Admins on the web.

  • Allows for instant approval of timesheets with a simple click.

  • Timesheets approved using this feature can be directly added to cost summaries.

Submit for Review:

  • Offers the option to send timesheets for evaluation by a reviewer.

  • Provides the opportunity to include notes, add a signature, and select a specific reviewer.

  • Allows for the addition of new reviewers by entering their email addresses.

  • Makes a distinction between members (people from your organization) and guests (people who are not part of your organization) when adding new reviewers.

By grasping these choices, you'll be able to handle your timesheets with ease. For further details, explore our other helpful articles. Happy time tracking!

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