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What is a cost summary?
What is a cost summary?
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In BenchMarx, a cost summary is like a package that gathers up all the information from your timesheets, giving you a quick view of how much your project is costing. It's your go-to guide for understanding all the expenses related to your project, essential for making invoices, summarizing costs, or billing clients. Plus, you can download it as a PDF whenever needed, no matter how far along your project is.

Who can I access cost summaries?

Account Owners, Account Managers and Project Admin can access a cost summary within BenchMarx by navigating to the Cost Summary tab in their project. From there, select the option to generate a cost summary, which will compile all relevant timesheet data for the project. You can see tabs such as 'All,' 'My Cost Summaries,' and 'To Review ' to sort summaries created by you or your team.

Can I export my cost summaries?

Yes, you can. First, filter the list by clicking 'Filter' next to categories like Date Created, Created By, Date Submitted, Submitted To, and Date Reviewed.

Once filtered, easily export your Cost Summaries by clicking 'Export.' This downloaded Excel sheet includes details like Change ID, Description, Last Updated date, Cost, and Status. You also have the option to export each summary individually for your convenience.

For guidance on creating a new cost summary, please refer to our related articles.

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