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How do I invite people as a Member or a Guest?
How do I invite people as a Member or a Guest?
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Understanding who's a Member and who's a Guest is key to managing who can access your project. It might sound tricky, but don't worry – this article is here to help!

How do Account Owners and Managers invite users?

You can invite Members and Guests to your account as an Account Owner or Manager. It's easy! Just go to the users tab and click on 'Add Users.' From there, you can type in their email address and send them an invite. This article details the Users tab's function for Account Owners and Managers.

However, Account Owners and Managers can also add people in project settings the same as Project Admins, described below.

How do Project Admins invite users?

As a Project Admin, you can add existing and new Members or Guests to your team from the project settings.

Go to the project settings in the project you would like to add someone to. Then select 'Users' from the sidebar and click 'Add Users.'

How do I add users?

After clicking the 'Add Users' button, a small window will appear where you can type in the email addresses of the users you want to add. Make sure to choose whether you want to add them as Members or Guests. Then, select their role from the options provided in the drop-down menu.

Finally, click the 'Add Users' button to finish the process.

Note: When you add any type of user, it uses up a subscription from your account.

What is the difference between a Member and a Guest?

Knowing the difference between Members and Guests helps keep your project organized. Members are individuals within your organization who can take on roles such as Account Managers, Project Admins, Crew Leaders, or Reviewers. Only Members have the privilege of being assigned as an Account Manager.

​Guests are people outside your organization like clients, subcontractors, or joint venture companies who can be Project Admins, Crew Leaders, or Reviewers. Project Admins who are guests can only add other users as guests.

Simply put, if someone is a Member, they can't become a Guest in the project, and vice versa. But it's important to note that a user can belong to only one account as a Member; they can be Guests in multiple accounts.

What are the limitations to adding a user as a Guest?

When you add someone as a guest to your account, there are some important things to keep in mind:

  • No Membership Upgrade: Once you've added someone as a Guest, you can't change their status to a full Member of your account. This is because Guests have the ability to create their own separate accounts.

  • Project Interaction: Guests can leave projects they've been invited to.

Note: Guests can't be found by name or email in the Members' box, and vice versa for Members in the Guest box.

It's essential to understand these limitations when adding users as guests to your account. If you need additional clarification on whether you should add a Member or a Guest, please contact BenchMarx support.

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