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How do I upload budget settings?
How do I upload budget settings?
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The budget feature is available for production tracking, but it's not mandatory. By default, Budget tracking is turned off. When using this feature, you can assign costs to different categories like Labour, Equipment, Materials, and Subcontractors.

How do turn on the budget settings?

If you'd like to use budget tracking, simply click to turn it on. Then, click 'Download Template,' and a CSV file will be saved to your computer for you to fill out.

After downloading, simply open the Budget list by clicking on it. Expand the columns as needed. Now, feel free to delete the sample information and upload your own cost codes effortlessly.
โ€‹Required fields

  • Cost Code

Optional fields

  • Sub-code

  • Description

  • Budgeted Quantity

  • Budgeted hours

Template Example

Note: Remember not to rename columns in your Excel sheet, as it might cause upload errors. Once imported correctly, you'll receive a Success message confirming your data upload.

Uploading budget settings in BenchMarx is a straightforward process that empowers you to effectively manage project budgets and ensure financial transparency. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you can seamlessly integrate your budget data into BenchMarx and leverage its robust features to optimize performance.

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